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About Us

I, Golden Miranda was born and raised in Hopkins village. My first step in education started in the Holy Family primary School. I then moved on to Ecumenical High School where I spent four successful years. From there, I moved on to Junior college where I majored in Economics. While studying Economics, I was drawn to Tourism considering the positive economic impact it was having on my community. In 2002, I took a tour guide course in Hopkins that was been offered by Belize tourism Board.

 A year later, I was fully employed by the most popular resort known as Hamanasi. In 2005, I got married to my wife Shereene and God has blessed us with two wonderful children, Sherden and Sherilee. During my tenure, I was also awarded with awards such as (employee of the year, Top Birder, Supervisor for the Inland Guide and most of all respect from my amazing co-workers.) My ten years of experience at Hamanasi has equipped me to understand the importance of customer service in which I take pride.

I have chosen to become an ambassador and a catalyst for tourism development in Hopkins through education and example. January 2015, my wife and I decided to start our own tour business. D-Golden tours has mandate and that is make our guests happy and have an adventure of a lifetime.

I am ready to show and share with you what my grandparents taught me. Many of the information that I will share with you is through experience.